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Illustration Once upon a time Damoiselle D

Once upon a time Damoiselle D ...

This graceful new gem in the watchmaking crown stems from the initiative of Véronique Muller, a devotee of art and watchmaking who is fascinated by creativity and innovation, which she sees as the most powerful means of sublimating feminine beauty. In creating Damoiselle D, she is able to express and give life to the finest values embodied in her favourite fields of interest.

In launching her Damoiselle D watch and jewellery models, Véronique Muller shares her creativity with her husband Jean Muller, a watch and jewellery designer.

Their respective careers in the field of watchmaking have given them a keen awareness of the desires, needs and values required to establish a relationship of mutual trust with their exclusive clientele.

These jewellery watches are intended for passionate, seductive, contemporary, independent, daring, demanding and loving women with a zest for living and a definite sense of the precious nature of time.